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Features Luxury Watch Winder Safe Has That Other Winders Don’t

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Over the years, watch winder technology has evolved exponentially. Some of the most prominent technological upgrades are security systems. The invention of this technology resulted in the birth of a watch winder that can double as a safe. Despite looking very similar, there are several key differences between the features of a regular winder and a luxury watch winder safe.

Advanced security

The first feature that distinguishes regular watch winder from watch winder safe is the security system. Most regular winders are equipped with a rudimentary locking system that can only be opened by key. This feature can provide some sort of security. However, it is nothing compared to watch winder safes.

A modern watch winder safe box is equipped with advanced modern security systems. Currently, the most advanced locking mechanism in the market is biometric access technology. This technology allows watch owners to open their safe using their own unique biological features, such as fingerprints. This resulted in a theft-proof high-tech watch winder safe.

Extra storage

When your watch winder can double as a safe, you might want to store other valuables in it. For this reason, several manufacturers have incorporated extra storage into their luxury watch winder safe designs. These storages are handy when you want to store valuable items such as jewelry, important documents, or foreign currencies.

These extra storages are usually incorporated in the form of drawers. However, due to the huge capacity, this type of watch winder is relatively big and heavy. A high-end watch winder safe box could weigh up to 350 kg. As a result, they are difficult to transport. They are more suitable as wardrobe extensions.


The last feature which differentiates regular winder and watch winder safe boxes is their durability against a wide range of external damages. Watch winders are usually constructed with a wooden finish. Whereas watch winder safes are built with metal. This strong material selection provides better durability against external forces, such as drill, fire, and other forced methods of opening.

This is also the reason why the watch winder safe box is superior to a regular winder in terms of security. Other than the protection against a robber, the watch winder safe is also able to protect your valuable items from external damages.

So, that’s all of the features that a luxury watch winder safe has that a regular winder doesn’t. This type of safe is suitable for watch collectors who favor security over the display. However, be aware that these types of winders are very costly to produce. So, the price might be more costly than regular winders.

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